Horse Shows

Schooling shows are for the beginning rider or horse/rider combinations or experienced riders for practice. This the perfect way for riders to experience the thrill of the larger shows close to home! Local riders compete at the non-rated shows and win fantastic prizes at each show and the end of the year! Local shows may also include fun classes, judges clinics and exhibitor parties.

USEF Rated "A" and "AA" shows are for everyone or riders with Zone or National goals. There are classes for all levels of ability and show experience. We also meet up with students at the shows providing show coaching to those who board at another facility or are unable to train with us on a regular basis.

Horse and rider combinations can either show at one show or more per year to raise the competition bar for themselves or show at the rated shows regularly with Zone, National or Medal goals in mind!

See our calendar for local, regional and national horse show dates. You and your instructor can discuss which competition is right for you. Don't own a horse? No problem! School horses are available for students to show (fees apply).

Whatever your show goals, let us help you achieve them!


Expenses for shows include:

Shipping: Trailering horses to show/event. Per horse, roundtrip.

Show Schooling:Training fees paid to trainer(s) for instruction and care at shows. Includes coaching of horse and rider, trainer rides (non-show), lunging (when necessary) for duration of show including off days.

Full Service Groom: Services provided by groom/professional for horse shows include preparation/bedding of stall, grooming, tacking/untacking, unbraiding, bathing and cleaning. Grooms meals will be split between number of people showing.

Show Lodging: Trainer(s) and groom(s) lodging at horse shows. Day fee divided between the number of people showing.

Show Rides: When requested, day fees paid to trainer(s) to show owned/leased horse.

Farm Horse Show Lease: Day fees to ride a farm owned horse in a horse show, home or away.

Additional expenses may include bedding/feed, laundry, setup/breakdown, horse show supplies, and any medications given to the horse at the show.

*Day fees apply to any day a horse is on show grounds.


Q: What do I wear to the show?
A: You will need to wear tall boots and breeches or paddock boots and jodhpurs to ride on non-showing days. On showing days you will need to wear boots, breeches, belt, rat catcher or show shirt, show coat, gloves, hair net and helmet.

Q: What do I need to bring to the show?
A: For rated shows: Yourself, your tack (saddle, bridle, girth) and tack trunk (if you own one). Your horse will be transported to the show (if needed) and all grooming and showing supplies will be provided. Any additional supplies needed at the show will be purchased and split between riders. For local shows: Yourself, your tack (bridle, saddle, girth and saddle pads), grooming supplies, and show clothes.

Q: Do I have to board my horse at Double Rainbow to show with Double Rainbow?
A: No. While we strive to provide outstanding care and training for you and your horse, we will gladly work with you and/or your trainer to provide opportunities to compete at a higher level.

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