2017 NLEA Year-End Awards


Beginner Hunter:  Champion- Casabella
 4th- Givenchy
Beginner Eq:  Champion- Carmen Vandagriff
3rd- Carol Cameron
Mini Stirrup Hunter:  Champion- Standing Ovation
3rd- Casabella  4th- Givenchy
Mini Stirrup Equitation:  Champion- Carmen Vandagriff
Reserve Champion- Carol Cameron
Wishful Hunter: Champion- Casabella
Short/Long Stirrup Hunter:  Champion- Merci Beaucoup
6th- Tuscan Sun
Short/Long Stirrup Equitation: Reserve Champion- Anna Wheeler
3rd- Emilie North  4th- Rowan Davidson  5th- Mackenzie Brown
Pre-Child/Adult Hunter:  Champion- Sinners Prayer
3rd- Home Before Midnight
Pre-Child/Adult Equitation:  Champion- Madison Widmer
Reserve Champion- Casey Tonnies  4th- Rowan Davidson
Hopeful Hunter: Champion- Tuscan Sun
Reserve Champion- King Triton  6th- Merci Beaucoup
Non-Pro Equitation:  Champion- Madison Widmer
3rd- Rowan Davidson  4th- Casey Tonnies
Schooling Hunter:  Champion- Ksar D'Elvas
Reserve Champion- Sandcastle  4th- Standing Ovation
Special Hunter: Champion- Standing Ovation
Modified Child/Adult Equitation: 3rd- Caitlin Covington
Working Hunter:  Champion- Ferrari  
Child/Adult Hunter:  Champion- Ferrari
Child/Adult Equitation:  Champion- Caitlin Covington
Puddle Jumpers: 3rd- Felicity
Level 0 Jumpers:  Champion- Bela Morena
Reserve Champion- Cassidy  3rd- Felicity
Level 1: Reserve Champion- Felicity
Winchester Memorial Perpetual Trophy Winner:
Ksar D'Elvas

Autumn Classic/Zone Finals, Final Chase

November, 2016

Katy, TX


Katcha Laughin "Otis"competed against some of the top horses in the country in the Pre-Green division and held his own winning ribbons in almost every class.  At the Texas Pre-Green Super Stakes Otis finished 12th overall!  I just can't say enough about Jamie and Laura Sisson's exceptional young horse!

Companiero and Haley Bagwell competed in the 3'3" A/O Hunter division and were second in a very large class and second in a Zone Final class!  Always a "salty" division the Amateur Owner Hunters!

Ksar D'Elvas and Julia Brown had a fabulous horse show!  They finished first in a big 15-17 Children's Hunter Division, finished first in a Zone Finals class and finished reserve champion in the division!

Midnight Hour and Rowan Davidson finished second in her Children's Hunter Pony Zone Finals and won great ribbons in the division.

Kobe and Katy Huggs had a successful show filled with improved riding and finished second in their Zone Finals class in the Low Adult Jumpers.

Lunar Eclipse FCF "Linus" and Megan Smith had a successful weekend to finish out their year in the High Adult Amateur Jumpers and brought home a sixth place and a sixth place Zone Finals finish.

National and Zone 7 2016 Standings
  • Companiero and Haley Bagwell- 20th in the zone and 194th nationally in the 3'3'" A/O hunter division with only 3 shows in the zone!
  • Crossroads and Samantha Powers 10th in the zone and 89th nationally in the 3'6" Large Junior Hunters.
  • Ksar D'Elvas and Julia Brown 9th in the zone in the 15-17 Children's Hunters with only 7 shows!
  • Glencheck and Julia Brown 12th in the zone in the 15-17 Children's Hunters.
  • Midnight Hour and Rowan Davidson were 12th in the zone in the Large Children's Hunter Pony division.
  • Kobe and Katy Huggs were 41st in the zone in the Low Adult Jumpers with only 5 competitions!
  • Lunar Eclipse FCF and Megan Smith finished 13th in the zone in the High Adult Jumpers!
and last but certainly not least, our new star...
  • Laura and Jamie Sisson's Katcha Laughinwas 3rd in the zone in the 3' Pre-Green division!
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